January 17, 2021

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom

The Lion - Proud and Majestic Symbol of the Animal Kingdom

The Lion - Proud and Majestic Symbol of the Animal Kingdom

Welcome to the new Animal Kingdom blog. If you love animals, or need to do a school project on animals, this site will provide you with a wealth of information on a wide variety of animals. AnimalKingdom.net is a companion web site to Kidport.com, a K-8 children’s education site. AnimalKingdom.net provides topical information about domestic and wild animals to help students and other animal lovers better appreciate the role of animals in our world.


  1. can you please enumerate the animal kingdom?

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  3. its spelled AWESOME!!!!!!

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  5. What is the animal kingdom divided into

  6. i am sorry what are invertebrates divided into

    • If you click on “Invertebrates” from the Categories menu in the right side column you will get of page showing the different types of invertebrates.

  7. how mnay title species in animals?

  8. can i just ask what animal kingdom a crustacean belongs to

  9. I reed that we have 31,500 different species fishs. It is true

  10. how are veretebrate classified

    • Vertebrates are defined as animals that have a backbone or spinal column. Vertebrates can be divided into seven different classifications: mammals (e.g., human), birds (e.g., eagle), reptiles (e.g., alligator), amphibians (e.g., frog), bony fishes (e.g., marlin), cartilaginous fishes (e.g., shark) and jawless fishes (e.g., lamprey). I hope this helps. Bryan

  11. can this website have search and answer onlineor explain

    • I’m not sure what you would like on the web site. If you post a question to the web site, just as you did this comment, I’ll try to answer it. Bryan

  12. Can u please put the vertebrates and Invertebrates in order from A to Z incase it is needed for a child to do. Please my daughter had it for home work and I cant find all the names of the animals.

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