January 24, 2021



Birds have wings and two legs.

Birds are defined as winged animals with two legs that lay eggs. In addition to the wings, birds have two other easily recognizable characteristics. They are covered with feathers, and they have a beak with no teeth.

Birds are warm-blooded animals, meaning that they internally regulate body temperature through processes such as controlling the metabolic rate. Birds are also classified as vertebrate animals. This means they have a backbone or spinal column. The birds ability to fly is what differentiates it from other types of vertebrate animals.

There are over 10,000 species of birds. They range in size from the small hummingbird at 2 inches to the Ostrich standing 9 feet tall. Although all birds have wings, not all birds can fly. The penguin and ostrich are two well known birds that cannot fly.

Birds live in almost all areas of the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Many species of birds migrate at different times of year to take advantage of seasonal temperatures, availability of food sources, and breeding habitat. Although some birds such as the eagle or hawk live in small family groups, other birds live in large flocks. The flocks provide for safety in numbers to help fend off predators. Most birds are social animals, communicating with one another through calls and songs.

Birds are nesting animals. Eggs are usually laid in a nest and incubated by the parents until the eggs hatch. Once hatched, most baby chicks live with parents for extended periods of time. Chicks depend on their parents for food and protection. As they grow older, young birds rely on their parents to teach them how to fly and catch food.

For more information on birds, see the Kidport Birds Reference Library and Kidport Birds Video Collection.


  1. are birds mammles and what do they eat

    • No, birds are not mammals. They are a separate class of animals, in themselves. Birds eat a wide variety of foods such as nectar, fruit, plants, seeds, carrion (dead animals) and small animals. Some even eat other birds.

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  3. how does damaging the environment affect the animals ??

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